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Bridzed is a platform that unites coaching institutes and students. Bridzed helps coaching institutes to target students from a new vantage point.
Billboards, pamphlets and all other forms of advertising serve one purpose, that is to stand out amidst crowd and attract students to your doorsteps. Bridzed offers not just one but many different ways of advertising that serves the purpose of billboard and pamphlet to Ads on google and Facebook. Join Bridzed and find multiple ways to connect to students

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The Future is Fascinating!

The world is going digital. Internet has become the new standard. Do you realize that it is getting tougher for students to find the best institutes and the competition in the industry has made it tougher for institutes to bring in new students? No student wants to roam around on roads mining through number of institutes to find the one that matches with their need. They need an easier way to find what’s best for them and INTERNET is the answer

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Purpose of Bridzed is to bring you closer to students. Create your institute's profile by entering information about your institute. This will be like a mini website of your institute on Bridzed. A student searching for coaching will get to see your institute profile while someone looking for specific information about you can find the same. We want to provide all the information at one place so that the only thing left for student is to visit you and enroll. Get on board by signing up below and see what all you can do on Bridzed!

Advertise Institute and Courses

Sponsor your institute to improve the visibility on the search results page

Run Digital Campaigns

Run digital campaigns to promote you new courses or batches

Get Detailed Analytics

Analytics will help institutes to design the batches and the courses in a much better way

Connect to Students

Get connected to students digitally and effectively target new students

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